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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vacation Memoirs: Barcelona

We got to go on an amazing Mediterranean Cruise this past summer, June to be exact and I realized I hadn't even looked through and edited the pics I took on the trip. So it's time and I figured I would share, why not? First stop, Barcelona. Our cruise left from there so we stayed for 3 days before getting on the ship. Thank God, because luggage did not arrive until the day we were getting on the ship. Thank God, unlike Tampa, Spain has amazing shopping, H&M, Zara, and Mango on every corner so it wasn't too hard to find something to tide me over. We met some friends and have some random stories so I'll post more on the other places we stopped eventually.

View from the roof of our cute Boutique Hotel

We have no luggage at this point so my entire outfit is from a little trip to H&M

Castle downtown, I liked all the green moss on the walls

Christopher Columbus is suppose to be pointing to the new world but supposedly he is pointing in the wrong direction

Taming the lion

I love the Mediterranean, all kinds of sailboats in the harbor

Ok, this is my favorite thing we got to see. It's the La Sagradia Familia which means "Family Chapel". The architect, Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece. It's been under construction since 1882 and won't be done until the 100th anniversary of Gaudi's death 2026. He was unexpectedly hit by a tram in 1926 leaving it unfinished. I've seen a lot of different places around the world but nothing like this.

This woman really wanted to get into the church, the police didn't let her in for long though.

Each side has a different facade, this is the Passion, there is also the Nativity, and the Glory which is not completed yet.

Inside of the chapel

Here's the Nativity Facade

Another one of Gaudi's apartment designs

Cable Car over the port


Jen Trinkle said...

Hey Carrie, those are awesome pics! Dave and I were in Barcelona two Summers ago and your pictures reminded me of all the neat places and memories. I think we ate breakfast in Pepe's bar every morning because it was down the street from our hotel...haha! Did you get to check out Parc Guell (at least I think that's the correct spelling...)? It was really neat, also by Gaudi.
Hope the business is great, we'll be seeing you in July!

CarrieWildes said...

Thanks Jen! Guell is the only place we didn't get to go in Barcelona, I'll have to go back:-) Can't wait until July!!